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Make your home in the perfect place built for you and me. Anthem Texas is located on the west side of Kyle, TX. The builders in Anthem are proud to offer a variety of price ranges from the low $500s to $700s and types of homes for new homeowners. Anthem gives homeowners the feel of small-town living in the perfect location. Anthem in Kyle is only 23 miles from downtown Austin and is minutes to the Texas Hill Country. Making a home in Anthem means enjoying the perks of a playground, a community garden, biking, swimming, a hammock grove, and more. We’re here to answer your most frequently asked questions about new homes for sale in Anthem. Contact us today to learn more! 

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    Gehan Homes in Kyle, TX

    Gehan Homes offers homes starting in the high $400s in Anthem Texas. As the 10th largest private homebuilder in the US, you’re in excellent hands with Gehan Homes. Homeowners love the stunning open-concept floor plans and unique design elements. Gehan Homes provides a professional interior design consultation to find the best options for your new home.

    The average time to build a Gehan home depends on the construction demand. Most Gehan Homes are entirely constructed in about seven months, depending on weather and demand factors. 

    It’s essential to understand all costs associated with purchasing a new home. The most significant factors to consider include:

    • HOA Dues
    • Property Taxes
    • Monthly Utilities
    • Living Expenses
    • Maintenance Costs

    There is no official option period when buying a home from Gehan Homes. You’re welcome to select options for your new construction home between reserving the lot and beginning construction. The option period ends once construction starts, deeming earnest money non-refundable at that time. 

    The most important thing about finding a new community is finding a place that feels like home. You should select a community where you can live as easily as possible. Many people consider access to medical facilities, schools, places of worship, and shopping. Accessibility and comfort go hand-in-hand when you select a home from Gehan Homes.

    The Gehan Homes team understands homeowners love options. Some of the many options available include:

    • Flooring
    • Lighting
    • Appliances
    • Paint
    • Countertops
    • Tile

    Perry Homes in Kyle, TX

    Perry Homes in Anthem begin in the $600s. Perry Homes offers exceptional value and customer service. For over 50 years, Perry Homes has built homes on a literal and figurative strong foundation. As one of the most trusted homebuilders in Texas, Perry offers new construction houses that are move-in ready and available to build in the San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and Houston areas. 

    The amount of time to construct a Perry home depends on weather, labor, and demand. The homebuyer’s choice to make complex changes can affect the construction timeline. 

    There is no official option period when buying a new construction home from Perry Homes. You can select options for your new construction home between reserving a lot and beginning construction. The option period ends, and your earnest money is no longer refundable once construction begins.

    Earnest money secures your lot, which is typically refundable until construction begins.

    OSB panels are superior roof decking panels because they are pre-engineered and made from small chips of trees. Plywood decking is made from peeled and glued layers of logs that often create knots and imperfections in the wood. OSB panels don’t have any imperfections that may create gaps or voids.

    Perry Homes considers all trees in planning the location of homes. Sometimes trees too close to a home’s foundation threaten the foundation, so these trees may need to be extracted. Existing trees on the homesite can only be removed if requested with an enhancement change order within ten days after the original earnest money contract date. 

    Scott Felder Homes in Kyle, TX

    Scott Felder Homes offers homes starting in the mid $500s. The homes provide innovative features and energy-efficient programs. Scott Felder Homes builds in the best neighborhoods with amazing school districts and stunning amenities. Each home is customized to the tiniest detail to ensure homeowners are happy with their new house. 

    Scott Felder Homes has a Site Plan near the bottom of each community’s home page. Buyers are welcome to click on the Anthem Texas Site Plan to find updated information.

    Prospective homebuyers contact the Online Sales Director for Anthem Texas to set an appointment with the Community Sales Associate. They will help you choose the desired floor plan and structural options before offering a minimum lot premium bid.

    Supply and demand are high in Central Texas. The strong job market and migration to Texas have skyrocketed the demand for new homes in Central Texas. This increased demand is met by a lower supply of materials, labor, and supplies. 

    Home construction is in high demand, so some homes take longer to construct than in the past. Other factors that may affect the timeline of the construction of your home include the supply and demand of building materials, weather, and building demand. You should expect a closing date soon after installing your cabinets and countertops. We always put quality before quantity to ensure you get a new home in optimal condition.

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    Anthem Texas builders are always ready to answer your questions. Anthem Texas in Kyle, TX, is Hays County’s newest master-planned community located on the west side. Each builder has their own personality of home built with the highest quality products. Contact Anthem Texas for further information about these builders and homes.

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