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Steps to Buying a House in Anthem Texas

Local builders are here to help you through the home buying process in the Anthem Texas neighborhood of Kyle, TX. Kyle’s vibrant city is growing daily, from businesses and schools to parks and restaurants. Anthem Texas provides the perfect location for people from all walks of life to call home. The home buying process in Anthem doesn’t have to be overwhelming with experts on your side. The new master-planned community of Anthem boasts 422 acres of beauty and function. All the neighborhoods are connected with bike lanes and sidewalks for your convenience. We’ll help you understand the home buying process in Kyle to help you buy the home of your dreams in Anthem.

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    Understanding the Kyle, TX Housing Landscape

    Kyle, TX, is located near Austin and the Hill Country with a bustling landscape. The growing city includes a vibrant housing market that attracts more people daily. Knowing your budget and housing goals is essential before beginning the home-buying process in Kyle. The builders in Anthem Texas have homes starting in the low $500s. It’s critical to provide a down payment of at least 20% to help avoid private mortgage insurance and gain a favorable rate. The housing landscape in Kyle is red-hot, and we’re here to help you make your dreams come to life with a gorgeous home. 

    Anthem Texas Home Buying Process in Kyle, TX

    The Buying Process For Anthem Builders

    The buying process for Gehan Homes, Perry Homes, and Scott Felder Homes is generally the same home buying process. When you choose a builder, their onsite Sales Associate and team will work with you to ensure your buying experience is positive. The buying process for Anthem homebuilders includes:

    • Mortgage Pre-Qualification – Knowing your budget and understanding the best home for your financial needs is critical. Your chosen builder will begin the loan application process to get your pre-approval amount to move to the next step.

    • Finalize Sales Agreement – Once you choose the location and builder for the home of your dreams, the next step is finalizing your Sales Agreement. You’ll begin working together to find the perfect floorplan and upgrades for you and your family’s lifestyle. Your earnest money is due at the time of the contract.

    • Design Center Appointment – The most exciting part of the homebuilding experience is meeting with your design professionals. You’ll get to choose from hundreds of design choices that show off your unique style. 

    • Pre-Construction Meeting – It’s time to review your choices for the design of your new home. You’ll get regular updates and any necessary changes. Addressing any questions, you may have about the final construction choices is crucial.
    • Construction – Construction begins with the clearing and preparation of your foundation. After your foundation is poured, your home is framed and starts to look like an actual structure. The construction phase of your home varies in time due to the many moving parts of weather, supplies, and labor availability.

    • New Home Orientation – After your final inspection, it’s time for a New Home Orientation. The Construction manager will explain how all systems in the home operate and answer any questions you may have about the home.

    • Closing – The best day of the home buying experience is the closing day. You get the keys to your new home in your hand. The builders will discuss the registration for your limited warranty in your closing package. Welcome home!
    Home Buying Process in Kyle, TX

    Home Buying Checklist

    We understand buying a new home in Texas is a significant decision. We’ve put together a home buying checklist to ensure you don’t leave anything out, including: 

    • Get Pre-approved – The mortgage pre-approval process involves submitting an application. 
    • Pick Your Floorplan – One of the most exciting pieces of your home buying checklist is to choose a floor plan which your preferred builder in Anthem. 
    • Choose Your Homesite – Choose your favorite available homesite in Anthem for your home.
    • Earnest Money – Earnest money will be held in escrow and applied towards your down payment. 

    Frequently Asked Home Buying Process Questions

    Choosing the right home is scary and exciting at the same time. Understanding the right questions to ask when purchasing a home is essential. We’ll answer some of your most frequently asked home buying process questions. 

    How much do I need for a down payment?
    The amount of money you need for a down payment depends on several factors. Your lender may request a different amount depending on your credit history and home purchase price. Many homeowners put down more than 20% to help avoid costly private mortgage insurance rates.

    Where do my option money and earnest money check go?
    Your earnest money is paid to the title company, which is held in escrow for the seller. When you complete the purchase of your home, the earnest money is then credited towards the final sales price of your home. Your option money is directly paid to the seller. It serves as a way to secure the contract. If you terminate the contract during the option period, the option money is not refunded. If you proceed with the purchase, it is applied towards the final sales price.
    How long does the home buying process take?
    The home buying process varies due to many different things, but the average home closes in 45 to 60 days. Some sellers will agree to a 30-day closing if all variants come together. Construction of a new-build home will take months and depends on the weather, availability of supplies, and labor.

    Should I wait to buy once the house marking cools down? 
    It’s tempting to wait for the housing market to slow, but it’s a waiting game you don’t want to play. Real estate prices rarely go down enough to make a significant difference. When buying in Anthem Texas, it’s essential to consider the demand. If you wait too long, you won’t get your dream home.

    Why Choose Anthem Texas?

    Buying a home in Anthem Texas is as seamless as possible. We’re proud of the 422-acre master-planned community that will contain about 1500 single-family homes. Anthem Texas in Kyle will be the home to an Amenity Center, on-site elementary school, bike lanes, playground, community gardens, and more. Best of all, over 30% of Anthem Texas is bordered by permanently protected open space. All you need to do is find a home you love and start the process of buying your dream home. 

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    New model homes in Anthem Texas are open and available for touring. The first step is choosing the home design of your dreams and touring Anthem Texas’ model homes in Kyle. Contact us for more information!

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