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    Q: Where will the Anthem Community receive its water from and will this affect water usage in Mountain City?

    A: The Anthem Community has contracted with a water supplier that sources water from the Trinity Aquifer located west of Mountain City. The water supply company that currently serves Mountain City's water derives its water from the Barton Springs aquifer. So the water for Anthem is derived from an entirely different aquifer so no water from the Barton Springs/ Edwards Aquifer Conservation District will be part of Anthem.

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    Q: With the Anthem Community being a Municipal Utility District (MUD), will Mountain City citizens experience any increase or change to their tax rates?

    A: The Anthem Community will be in a MUD. Only residents living within the MUD pay taxes to it. Mountain City citizens will not be subject to any MUD taxes.

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    Q: What measures will the Anthem Community take to ensure nearby areas don't experience an increase in drainage runoff?

    A: The Anthem Community will ensure that any storm water that passes through the community will exit in a slower and cleaner fashion than before the community existed. Anthem will particularly take notice and special attention to address the current drainage issue Mountain City residents have expressed that occurs on their most western border.

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    Q: Where is the wastewater plant location planned?

    A: We are looking at a location half a mile away from the closest boundary with Mountain City.

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    Q: Where will effluent water go?

    A: We studying the all options that are allowed under TCEQ regulations for this area. We hope to utilize the state-of-the-art effluent reuse methods for irrigation. Keep in mind that modern waste water plants produce water that is actually fit for human consumption. That being said we plan to use treated effluent to irrigate the communities landscaping so we can minimize the use of precious water resources for landscape irrigation.

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    Q: Will Anthem's roads connect to Mountain City?

    A: No roads are planned to connect with Mountain City.

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    Q: Is there any commercial in the plan?

    A: We have not included any commercial property in the plan. There may be a need someday for a neighborhood convince store along FM150 in the future.